Dr SEBI - The Inspiration Behind Cellular Food Solutions

Dr. Sebi is a name that has been making waves in the world of natural health and nutrition for decades. You may have heard his name mentioned in conversations about holistic healing, alkaline diets, or plant-based medicine. 

But who was this man behind the movement? In this blog post, we'll dive into the life and legacy of Dr. Sebi, exploring everything from his upbringing to his controversial theories on disease prevention and cure. 

Whether you're already familiar with Dr. Sebi's work or just curious to learn more, get ready for an informative and eye-opening read!

Early Life and Education

Dr. Sebi, whose birth name was Alfredo Bowman, was born on November 26th, 1933 in Honduras. He grew up with his grandmother who taught him about the healing properties of plants and natural remedies. This early exposure to alternative medicine would shape Dr.Sebi's future work in profound ways.

As a young man, Dr.Sebi moved to the United States where he pursued studies in anatomy and herbalism. During this time he also became interested in spirituality and began exploring different spiritual practices from around the world.

Despite facing discrimination as an immigrant living in America during a tumultuous time of the civil rights movement, Dr.Sebi persevered and continued his studies becoming knowledgeable about herbs from all over the world.

Through years of research and experimentation, Dr.Sebi developed his own unique approach to holistic healing that focused on alkaline diets centred around plant-based foods aimed at preventing disease rather than simply treating symptoms once they appeared.


Dr. Sebi's career was dedicated to helping people through natural healing methods. He began his journey by studying under an herbalist in Mexico and then went on to develop his nutritional guide, which aimed to detoxify the body and restore balance.

Over time, Dr. Sebi gained a following for his holistic approach to health, which included using a variety of herbs and supplements that he believed would cure many illnesses. 

Despite being criticised by some in the medical community as lacking scientific evidence, Dr. Sebi continued on his mission to help others heal naturally until his death in 2016.

Today, his legacy lives on through the work of those who were inspired by him and continue to promote natural healing methods as an alternative or complement to traditional medicine.

Sebi's Nutritional Guide

Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide is based on the principle that food should be used as medicine to heal and nourish the body, rather than simply for pleasure or sustenance. His approach emphasises plant-based foods and natural remedies, with a focus on alkaline-forming foods that promote health and vitality.

One of the key principles of Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide is the importance of an alkaline diet. According to his teachings, disease thrives in acidic environments, so it is essential to eat foods that help maintain a slightly alkaline pH balance in the body.

To achieve this, Dr. Sebi recommends consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and collard greens. He also advocates for avoiding highly processed foods such as refined sugar and white flour, which can disrupt the body's natural balance.

Another important aspect of Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide is his use of herbs and other natural remedies to promote healing from within. Some of the herbs he recommends include burdock root for cleansing the blood, bladderwrack for thyroid support,and sarsaparilla for hormonal balance.

Overall,the core message behind Dr.Sebi’s Nutritional Guide was simple: nature provides everything we need to lead healthy lives,and by returning back to our roots we can reverse many chronic illnesses affecting us today.

So,it remains more relevant now than ever before.

Dr Sebi's views on Mucus

Dr Sebi, a renowned natural healer and herbalist, believed that mucus is the root cause of most diseases. According to him, the accumulation of mucus in our bodies can lead to various health problems such as asthma, allergies, and even cancer.

Dr Sebi's views on mucus were based on his belief that the human body is alkaline by nature and any deviation from this state can lead to disease. He saw mucus as an acidic substance produced by the body in response to an acidic diet.

To counteract this phenomenon, Dr Sebi recommended a plant-based diet consisting of nutrient-dense foods that promote alkalinity in the body. By consuming foods such as leafy greens, fruits and vegetables rich in minerals like iron and magnesium we could prevent or reverse chronic illness caused by excess mucus production.

Furthermore, Dr Sebi also advised against consuming dairy products which he believed played a significant role in producing excess amounts of mucus within our bodies.

In essence, Dr Sebi's view on mucus may seem unconventional but it was grounded in scientific research demonstrating how dietary choices can affect our overall health.

Dr. Sebi's views on Body Cleansing 

Dr. Sebi believed that the accumulation of toxins in our bodies can lead to a variety of health problems, from chronic fatigue to digestive issues. He viewed body cleansing as a way to rid the body of these harmful toxins and promote overall wellness.

According to Dr. Sebi, one key aspect of body cleansing is maintaining an alkaline diet. This means consuming foods that are high in alkalinity and low in acidity, such as leafy greens, fruits, and nuts. By doing so, he believed that we could reduce inflammation in the body and improve digestion.

In addition to dietary changes, Dr. Sebi recommended herbal remedies for cleansing various organs in the body. For example, he suggested using dandelion root tea or milk thistle extract for liver detoxification.

Dr. Sebi emphasised the importance of listening to your own body when it comes to cleansing practices. Everyone's needs are different based on their individual health concerns and lifestyle factors such as stress levels or environmental exposure.

By following Dr. Sebi's principles for body cleansing through diet modifications and herbal supplements tailored to your specific needs you can begin feeling better both physically & mentally.

Dr. Sebi's views on body cleansing are worth considering for anyone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being. He believed that a proper diet and lifestyle can help the body to heal itself naturally, without the need for drugs or surgery.

Dr SEBI and the African Bio-Mineral Balance

Dr. Sebi's unique approach to healing the body involves the use of natural herbs and a special diet known as the African Bio-Mineral Balance. This approach is based on the belief that many illnesses are caused by an excess of mucus in the body, which can be eliminated through proper nutrition.

The African Bio-Mineral Balance emphasizes eating whole, plant-based foods and avoiding processed and refined products. Dr. Sebi believed that this type of diet could help restore the body's pH balance and promote overall health.

In addition to dietary changes, Dr. Sebi also developed a line of natural herbal compounds designed to cleanse and detoxify the body. These compounds are made from a variety of plants and minerals found throughout Africa, including burdock root, dandelion root, sea moss, and bladderwrack.

While some may be skeptical of Dr. Sebi's methods, there are many who have reported significant improvements in their health after following his recommendations. Whether you believe in his approach or not, it is clear that Dr. Sebi was passionate about helping others achieve optimal wellness through natural means.

Herbs Used by Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi was a renowned herbalist who believed in the power of natural remedies to heal the body. His nutritional guide advocated for consuming alkaline-rich foods and herbs to maintain an optimum pH balance.

One of the most popular herbs used by Dr. Sebi was sea moss, also known as Irish moss. This red algae is high in minerals such as calcium, iron, and iodine that are crucial for maintaining good health.

Another herb used by Dr. Sebi was burdock root which contains anti-inflammatory properties and has been traditionally used to purify blood and improve digestion.

Sarsaparilla root was another important herb in Dr.Sebi's arsenal due to its ability to detoxify the liver and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Other potent herbs included dandelion, elderberry, yellow dock root, and bladderwrack among others.

While there may be some controversy surrounding Dr.Sebi's methods or claims regarding these herbs' efficacy against certain diseases; it cannot be denied that he left behind a wealth of knowledge on natural healing through plants - something we could all benefit from incorporating into our daily lives!


Dr. Sebi's life and career were not without their fair share of controversies. Perhaps the most prominent was his claim that he had found a cure for AIDS, cancer, and other incurable diseases through his unique approach to nutrition.

This claim drew criticism from many in the medical community who argued that there was no scientific evidence to support it. Additionally, some accused Dr. Sebi of taking advantage of vulnerable people by selling them expensive herbal remedies that had not been scientifically proven to work.

Despite these controversies, Dr. Sebi remained steadfast in his beliefs and continued to promote his nutritional guide and herbal remedies until his death in 2016.

While some may view Dr. Sebi's claims with scepticism or even disbelief, it is important to remember that he was a man who dedicated his life to helping others achieve better health through natural means. Whether or not one believes in the efficacy of his methods, there is no denying the impact he has had on countless individuals seeking alternative approaches to healing and wellness.


Dr. Sebi's death on August 6, 2016, was a shock to many of his supporters and followers. He died while in police custody in Honduras.

The circumstances surrounding his death have led to speculation and conspiracy theories. Many believe that he was targeted because of his beliefs and teachings about natural healing and the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite the controversy, Dr. Sebi's legacy lives on through his work and teachings. His message about the power of natural herbs and plant-based diets continues to inspire many people who seek alternative ways to heal their bodies.

While his passing may have been unexpected, it has not diminished the impact that he had on those who followed him or believed in his methods.

Dr. Sebi's death is a reminder that even those who make significant contributions can be taken from us at any moment. However, we must continue to honor their legacies by continuing the work they started and never forgetting their important messages.


Dr. Sebi's legacy is one that will continue to live on for generations to come. He dedicated his life to promoting natural healing and educating people about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Despite facing numerous controversies throughout his career, he remained committed to his beliefs and continued to inspire others with his message.

Today, many people still follow Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide and use the herbs he recommended for various health issues. His work has also inspired a new generation of healers who are continuing his legacy by promoting natural healing methods.

Although Dr. Sebi may no longer be with us, his impact on the world of natural medicine will never be forgotten. We can all learn from his teachings and strive towards living healthier, more sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature – just as he did throughout his life. 

Dr SEBI - The Healer to Remember

Dr. Sebi's approach to healing has helped many people overcome their illnesses through natural means. His African Bio-Mineral Balance is a unique way of looking at health and disease that focuses on the body's natural ability to heal itself.

By using herbs and other natural remedies, Dr. Sebi was able to cleanse his own body of lupus and other diseases. This inspired him to share his knowledge with others so that they too could benefit from the power of nature.

Many people who have followed Dr. Sebi's teachings have been able to experience dramatic improvements in their overall health and wellbeing. By eliminating toxins from their bodies and nourishing themselves with wholesome foods, they are able to support their immune systems naturally.

Of course, not everyone will respond in the same way, but for those who believe in alternative medicine or seek out different approaches when traditional methods fail them, Dr. Sebi's approach may be worth exploring further.

His goal was simply to help people live healthier lives by tapping into the power of nature – something we can all benefit from learning more about as we strive towards optimal health and wellness.

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