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We all know that Key Limes are one such fruit whose health benefits are immense to talk about. They might be acidic in taste, but they are alkaline in body formation and nature.

It would not be wrong to call them the most potent alkaline-forming superfood, which often helps the body balance its acidic percentage.

You will probably catch Key Limes in every single house kitchen. But have you ever thought about what benefits it can have for your body? Let's highlight a few below.

Here Is Why are Key Limes a part of an Alkaline Diet

Why are Key Limes a part of an Alkaline Diet

Helps to clean bowels

    Key Limes increase the peristalsis in the bowels, which helps create a specific bowel movement to eliminate the waste. You can drink three cups of Key Limes juice daily to deal with better bowel movement issues.

    Key Limes juice can quickly dissolves gallstones

      Key Limes juice has a citric acid content in it helps to dissolve calcium deposits, gallstones, or kidney stones.

      Deals with brain or mental disorders

        Key Limes peel contains potent phytonutrient tangerine, which is highly effective for dealing with brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease. According to a recent research study, Key Limes can often save you from the worst mental decline.

        Acts as an Ayurvedic Superfood

          The use of Key Limes as an ayurvedic medicine has been quite common in India due to its beneficial properties. It is warm and sour, making it an authentic promoter of gastric fire, great for vision, astringent, pungent, and light.

          It makes the blood vessels stronger

            You can let your blood vessels be stronger through Vitamin P, found in Key Limes in rich quantities. This Vitamin P prevents internal hemorrhage and often treats high blood pressure issues.

            Improves the eye vision

              Rutin ingredient in Key Limes is an excellent approach to treat certain eye disorders such as diabetic retinopathy.


              To enjoy great nutritional benefits of Key Limes, do add them in your alkaline diet right now and have a healthy lifestyle routine.

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