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    Sea Moss – 10 Healthy Benefits of Sea Moss You Should Know

    Sea Moss – 10 Healthy Benefits of Sea Moss You Should Know

    Seaweed has been long touted as the superfood, and now it has been replaced by sea moss. Sea moss is also known as Irish Sea moss or the Irish moss. But do you know what exactly Sea moss is?

    It has been medically claimed that sea moss plays an essential role in boosting your immunity and soothe your digestive system. It helps to strengthen your joints and will improve your skin health.

    But the actual question is, does Sea moss love up to this hype? What else can it do for your body? 

    Let's have an insightful discussion about it!

    What is Sea Moss All About?

    Sea moss is a form of algae. It has been associated with the human diet for the last long centuries. Hence it is consumed historically in a different place such as Ireland and the Caribbean.

    Sea Moss has been used in various cultures to treat different health conditions such as coughing, skin infections, and low libido.

    Alternatively, you can also reap its benefits by straight applying it to your skin. Being deemed healthy, the real benefits of the Sea Moss are yet not completely clear.

    Overview on Health Benefits of Sea Moss

    Here we would like to mention that Sea Moss is low in cholesterol and saturated fat. However, it has a rich amount of minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and fatty acids!

    Based on its nutrient profile, it plays a vital role in fighting malnutrition and treating different diseases. Below we have a list of the top 10 health benefits of sea moss:

    1. Helps to Cure Respiratory Ailments

    This superfood is rich in anti-viral agents, which are extremely helpful to cure and prevent different respiratory ailments. This is a primary benefit of Sea Moss for the human body. 

    2. Effective to Treat Skin Disease

    This excellent sea moss alga has been popularly known for treating different skin diseases such as sunburn or dermatitis psoriasis. Plus, it is also included in the bath just to moisture and hydrates your skin.

    3. Production of Thyroid Hormones

    Sea Moss is also included with some natural minerals such as iodine. This natural Sea Moss mineral supports the hydroid functions and also produced hormones.

    4. Improves the Circulation of Blood 

    Sea Moss also contains some chemical compounds which serve as the microbial agent. This agent will filter your blood against any bacteria or germs.

    5. Relieve from Sore Throat & Lung Pain 

    This Sea Moss is also helpful for the treatment of sore throats and coughing infections. It will relieve congestion and will expel an excess amount of mucus from lugs to the digestive tract. This is a primary benefit of Sea Moss for the human body.

    6. Pain Killers for Joint & Muscle Pain 

    Another exciting benefit of Sea Moss is that it works as the pain killer for muscle and joint pain. It prevents varicose veins rashes or inflammation and will also provide excellent relief from muscle or joint pain.

    7. Helpful to Treat Fungal Infection

    It is also included with some antimicrobial agents, which you can use to make sure antibiotics. These antibiotics will later be used to fight against fungal or microbial infections.

    8. Helps in cure of Microbial Infection

    Sea Moss excellent antimicrobial agent who makes antibiotics to fight off fungal and certain microbial infections. This is a primary benefit of Sea Moss for the human body.

    9. Improves the Thyroid Functioning

    This Sea Moss also contains some natural minerals, including iodine, which best supports thyroid functioning.

    10. Builds your Immune System

    Sea Moss has a rich amount of Vitamin-C, which helps build the immune system of the body. 

    Above all of this Sea Moss benefits list, you can achieve different other health benefits through Sea Moss. Moreover, Sea Moss helps your hair with strong growth and will keep it thick for an extended period. It even protects you from anti-aging and tightens your skin.

    benefits of sea moss

    How much sea moss to take daily?

    The main question which probably hit so many minds is that how much sea moss to take daily. Well, you need to be careful about its dosage quantity; otherwise, it can dramatically show some side effects as well.

    Daily, the recommended dosage is around two small tablespoons. This makes almost 5-8 grams of Sea Moss per day. This dosage will let the user see some positive effects on their body without side effects.

    How can you Take Sea Moss?

    You can take Sea Moss in 4 different methods, which we are discussing one by one for you below:

    • Sea Moss Powder

    Consuming Sea Moss in the form of powder is probably the easiest way to include Sea Moss in your diet routine. You can purchase it from medical stores or grocery centers. You can also grind it in a dry form.

    Sea Moss powder is ideal for including in dishes or smoothie recipes.

    • Sea Moss Pills/Capsules

    Sea Moss is also available in the form of pills or capsules. But when it comes to tablets, you need to be a little careful about the dosage amount. Capsules are readily available from medical stores, which you can consume after a doctor's prescription.

    • Sea Moss Gel

    Another method to use Sea Moss is in the form of a gel. This is probably the fastest emerging way to let Sea Moss be part of your daily diet routine. 

    You can also find Sea Moss gel in smoothie superfood or several dishes.  It is made out of just unprocessed seaweed in which the quantity of calories is low and maintains the overall nutritional value of the ingredients.

    • Sea Moss Tinctures

    The last method to consume Sea Moss is in the form of tinctures. This method is affordable and also shows quick, significant results. Tinctures are included with essential compounds removed from seaweed and let the user dictate its dosage accurately.

    This method is perfect for all those people who do face specific issues to swallow capsules. 

    Benefits of Sea Moss When Taken Orally

    Benefits of Sea Moss When Taken Orally

    You can consume Irish Sea Moss as the food or apply it directly to your skin. If used properly, both methods will display positive and successful outcomes for health.

    Sea Moss benefits will range from boosting the immune system and improving your digestive system. It even fights against premature skin aging. 

    To experience some more health benefits, you can choose to combine Sea Moss with some Bladderwrack. Both of them will potentially show some powerful and successful health benefits. 

    Few significant benefits of Sea Moss, when taken orally, are:

    • Due to antioxidants and vitamins, it improves your immunity level. 
    • Because of its vast bacteria-fighting capabilities, it will improve your digestive system.

    Benefits of Sea Moss When Applied Topically

    Few significant benefits of Sea Moss when applied are:

    • Protection of skin
    • Treatment of minor wounds 
    • Excellent anti-aging properties

    You can also find Irish Sea Moss in various skin creams. Citrulline-Arginine is a fundamental substance found in Sea Moss. This substance plays an essential role in reducing skin aging issues.

    Moreover, this substance also improves your metabolism and promotes substantial skin growth for skin protection. When used in skin creams, this substance treats minor wounds and protects your skin in dry climates.

    Few common beauty products which are included with Sea Moss are:

    • Face masks
    • Lotions
    • Body Creams or oils

    If you are purchasing any product included with Sea Moss, make sure you carefully follow the label's instructions. Read its application process and how you have to clean it. Various products will have different instructions over the application.

    Sea Moss as a Superfood

    Sea Moss as a Superfood

    Similar to garnishes and parsley, Sea Moss has a little taste. Some people might take it as a superfood because of the rich content of Vitamins and nutrients included in it.  

    Few people might eat it plain, and some often find a substitute to combine Sea Moss with few nutrient-dense greens in varied recipes.  It is relatively easy to incorporate Irish Sea Moss into any food.

    Few common foods to add moss with are:

    • Salads
    • Soups
    • Sauces
    • Casseroles
    • Smoothies 

    Apart from giving your food a unique set of textures, it plays a vital role in giving your health some emerging benefits.

    What are the side effects of Sea Moss?

    According to a few medical studies, Sea Moss is generally claimed to be useful and healthy for the human body's consumption. You can, however, face side effects if you are not careful at the time of dosage quantity. Too much of anything is bad for you. 

    Sea Moss is exceptionally rich in iodine, which is useful to promote healthy thyroid functioning. If iodine exceeds its limit, it can cause the thyroid to harm the body.

    As a pro tip, we will recommend monitoring the quantity of Sea Moss you are consuming daily. Avoid consuming it in a more considerable amount.

    if you experience:

    • Skin reddening or burning
    • Irritation or skin itchiness 
    • Vomiting

    or any of such side effects in your body, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor.

    Sea moss plays an essential role in boosting your immunity and soothes your digestive system. 

    It helps to strengthen your joints and will improve your skin health.

    How to Prepare Sea Moss Easily at Home?

    You must, first of all, clean the Sea Moss. Please remove it from all sorts of dirt, debris, and particles. Wash your hands before handling Sea Moss in your hands. Try to use spring or filtered water. 

    It is recommended to clean Sea Moss twice times to make sure its complete cleanliness. You have to place the dried sea moss in any large bowl and cover it with fresh water. Smoothly massage your Sea Moss.

    As you are done with the massage, you have to cover it with some spring or filtered water. All parts of Sea Moss should be covered. Let it soak for a maximum of 12-23 hours. Keeping it at room temperature would be best. Do not place it in the refrigerator.

    How can you Make Sea Moss Gel?

    It is easy to make Sea Moss gel at the house. Once the Sea Moss has been soaked, you need to remove Sea Moss from the liquid and transfer it into a clean, dry plate.

    Never discard the Sea Moss water because this water liquid will, later on, be used to make the gel.  Now add Sea Moss in a blender with water in it. Use at least one small cup of water. Increase the water quantity in case if you want the gel to be in thick consistency.

    Blend the Sea Moss for a maximum of 3 minutes until and unless it does not get smooth. Now transfer the blended Sea Moss in an airtight container or the Mason jar. By keeping it in the refrigerator, it will get thick after 2 hours.

    It would help if you always stored the Sea Moss gel in airtight containers. When kept in the fridge, it can last for a maximum of one month. In Freezer, it can last for three months. Storing it in some ice cube tray will also work best.

    Dry Sea Moss in raw and unsoaked textures can easily be stored in an airtight container for at least one year in a dark, cool place.

    Sea Moss Powdered Formula by Dr. Sebi 

    It is all due to Dr. Sebi's efforts, who eventually made the sea moss' nutritional power easy to consume by presenting it in the powdered formula.

    He even improved the effects by adding yet another ‘rockweed’ to augment the electrifying emerging benefits. Dr. Sebi’s Bromide Plus hence combines the excellent quality of sea moss with some nutritionally dense bladderwrack.

    This Bromide Plus is among the best and most recommended Dr. Sebi products. It is significant to provide tremendous immune-boosting nutrition with which you can replenish your body's endocrine system.  

    This product also decreases the risk of the disease and boosts your metabolism. You can improve your level of iron & oxygenation and also prevent arthritis. In short, clear your lungs and strengthen your mind power with the help of this great Dr. Sebi diet. 

    Dr. Sebi has presented Sea Moss in the form of powdered formula that is extremely easy to use daily. You can add it in smoothies, soups, teas, or you can use it in a state of easy-to-swallow capsules. 

    According to Dr. Sebi, Sea Moss has some powerful nutritional benefits which you cannot get on dry land. He took these tremendous nutritional gifts and let the whole world know its beauty. No doubt, this dramatically increased its popularity.

    If you want to know about natural solutions for supporting physical and mental ailments, visit us right now! We have a complete line of some natural plant-based cell food compounds meant for inter-cellular cleansing and cellular revitalization. 

    Our few product lines at BIOCELL FOOD SOLUTIONS include Sea moss, raw sea moss, sea moss iron plus formula, sea moss bladderwrack, and so much more. 

    Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

    Is Sea Moss Helpful to lose weight?

    Yes, Sea Moss promotes weight loss. It contains Iodine quantity, which plays a vital role in controlling metabolism and encourage weight loss.

    Does Sea Moss makes your skin look better?

    Sea moss has a rich source of vitamins and minerals, which effectively deals with certain skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. This ingredient of Sea Moss is used in different skincare products.

    For how long time can you use Sea Moss on your skin?

    If you are using Sea Moss to treat your acne, you should better leave it on the skin for at least four weeks to achieve successful results.

    Final Verdict

    This was the end of the discussion about the vital and magical benefits of Sea Moss and related to how it shows significant results to your body system. It can easily be part of your ordinary regular diet plan.

    If you want to include Sea Moss in your regular diet plan, make sure you consult your doctor first. This can help you to know more basic information about whether it will show beneficial results for your body or not.