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The Alkaline Black Book ( Beginner's Guide ) EBOOK IS FREE DOWNLOAD


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    This Alkaline Black Book is a collection of articles geared towards beginners by Carl Joseph & Kareem Davis, who are herbalists and students of Dr. Sebi's protocols.

    They cover:

    • Dr. Sebi's Legacy
    • Fasting And Intermittent Fasting
    • Mucus Forming Foods
    • Quick Alkaline Recipes
    • How Does Diet Affect Mood
    • Biomineral Balance with Alkaline Plant-Based Foods
    • Dr. Sebi Approved/ Disapproved Food List 
    • The Plant-Based Lifestyle
    • Adopting The Alkaline lifestyle As A Family 
    • Skincare, Gut health, and so much more!


    Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity have reached all-time highs; a coincidence?

    The more weight you gain, the higher your chances of getting Sick.

    When we think of the plant-based/ alkaline, we often eliminate or severely reduce our meat consumption.

    While this is true, in this case, meat is not our only enemy.

    Starchy carbs and processed foods are as well.

    This book is a collection of articles on the alkaline/plant-based diet and MORE.

    Are you transitioning to an entire alkaline lifestyle?

    Maybe you're just trying to figure out where to start?

    This book is a great pick up for either.

    Pick up your copy today